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Taking Your Programs Online

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Taking Your Programs Online

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Five Day Immersive Training for nonprofit professionals developing your online program.

Turn your session or unit into a valuable experience that meets your learning objectives, during this full week training with coach Phillip Simon, Professor of Interactive Media and Design with Quinnipiac University and Senior Consultant for Harvest Development Group. Meet Phill in this replay of the 45 minute informational webinar hosted on May 1, 2020

As an online learning design expert, Phill will lead you in defining, developing, and translating your in person camp or summer program into an interactive online connected experience. Online experiences are guided by your learning objectives, mission goals, and constituent needs, so your program completely suits your audience.

Each weekly cohort of nine learners receive personalized, hands on, tailored training, along with peer interactions and group projects, program development, and implementation support.

By day five, you will have a completed strategy with associated tools, templates, and implementation plan, supported by four weeks of coached guidance on leading your online experience to completion.

This training is an intensive full week, that requires pre-work by the learners before first day sessions and required daily attendance. These not webinars, classes are not recorded.

COURSE Summary:

This one-week course is for non-profit organizations to learn how to convert in-person program experiences to online delivery. Learners will observe and interact as they learn how to prepare a design, plan, and schedule tailored to their organization’s objectives. At the end of the course learners will have a complete outline and development materials they can use to put their program activity online.

Your coach Phillip Simon is a professor of interactive media and design at Quinnipiac University and a Senior Consultant at Harvest Development Group. Phill has a depth of expertise in interactive media design, designing and teaching online instruction since 2004. He directs a master's program at QU that is delivered entirely through an online platform. In addition, Phill is a national speaker on online learning.

Outcomes of the Immersive Training

  • An audit of what your organization can convert to online delivery.
  • A strategy with methods and techniques for delivering a program activity tailored to your staff talent, program objectives, and constituent demographics.
  • Detailed action plan of your online course, including a description, learning methods, assignments, and objectives.
  • Digital tools required and selected for providing program-activities in an online environment.
  • A program-activity schedule and action plan.
Course mechanics
  • Meet daily through live video conference lessons, with your coach and your learning team members. These video conference lessons are scheduled for one AM 1-hour session and one PM 1-hour session. These are not recorded.
  • Daily video learning conferences are supported by learner engaged assignments to be completed between morning and afternoon sessions and before the next day’s lesson.
  • Team conferencing throughout the day, to develop innovative solutions and support each other.
  • Online classroom space, for collaboration, work assignments, and course artifact storage and sharing.
  • Access to your coach between daily class sessions to answer questions about the assignments and your online program-activity project plan.
Sample Course Day:
  • PRE-COURSE: Mandatory work preparation

    • Video on how the course will work
    • Video on Deliverable
    • Tour of the course resources
    • Video on the three “T”s: talent, technique, tools,
      • Intro: working definition of a “program-activity”.
      • Talent: WHO is going to lead the online summer experience Technique: HOW it will be led
      • Tools: WHAT technology is needed and available
    • Video on creating and using a Project Charter
  • DAY ONE OBJECTIVE: Determine feasibility of your program catalogue and prioritize your program-activity for this training.

    • AM video conference hour – Getting started
      • Review program catalogue matrix prepared prior to course day one Explain feasibility
    • Day assignment: Rank list of programs in your catalogue by most feasible to least. Add comments, concerns, and questions in matrix area provided
    • PM video conference hour – Feasibility
      • GROUP: Brainstorm outcomes for your program-activity
      • DISCUSSION: Who will lead and implement the program for you, the “talent”
    • Overnight Assignment: Assigned readings/viewings on” technique” Types of online instruction