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Corraling Cats in the Dark: A Project Planning System that Works

$ 695.00

Corraling Cats in the Dark: A Project Planning System that Works

$ 695.00

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Most of your fundraising, service programs, and management challenges are based in poor project planning. The Project Management Institute reports that 9.9% of every dollar invested is wasted due to poor project planning

Can you reveal this to your donors about your organization? Try telling them that $100 of their $1000 donation is going to be thrown out the window. Wasted, Gone, Pfffft.

You can avoid that revelation and proudly share that their donation will fully support your work, by improving, once and for all, how you plan for projects in your organization. You will also be able to meet your program outcomes for your community, grow your talented team, and lead your board more effectively, once you learn the keys to Project Planning through this course.

In this 5-day intensive, create a universal Project Planning System for your nonprofit by:

  • Understanding the failures common to all project planning attempts.
  • Focusing on learning the techniques to project planning that will apply to ANY situation you have- program plans, service plans, strategic plans, fundraising plans.
  • Creating a defined system of steps, with checks and balances, that leads your team through the planning process
  • Evaluating and assessing plans to iterate the solutions for better outcomes

The 5-day Intensive is structured to get you to your goal quickly- a better project planning system that can be used right away. Be ready to implement your first project plan using this newly learned system by the end of the 5-day course.

The 5-day intensive requires you to participate twice per day online with your coach Phil Simon, supported by independent work between sessions and with your cohort of learners. Tools, templates, and tailored direction for your first project being planned help to make your learning actionable that week.