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How can BLOSSOM help you?

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BLOSSOM offers timely professional education in nonprofit leadership with a personalized coaching program focused on applying what you have learned, bringing you measurable results that have immediate impact.

Immerse yourself in challenging courses on your own time schedule, that help your specific needs, while receiving expert guidance and problem solving from your coach in one on one sessions every month. Access your coach by email for questions and solutions throughout your course registration.

Save your work products and documents in a secure file locker to use with your board or in advancing your career. Retain access to these files or download them to your network.

Gain insight and peer support in a team environment with other learners, all from nonprofit fields, through regularly scheduled discussions. Collaborate with others in creating solutions and in generating innovative concepts.

Extra value provided in specially scheduled panel discussions with topic specific industry experts open to all learners throughout the month.

Earn badges as you complete course work and compete on the BLOSSOM leader board for credits on future curriculum modules.


When you enroll in your BLOSSOM course, you will meet your coach and schedule a time for a conference to be guided in how to use the learning classroom and course content. Your coach will also help you establish your learning goals and answer any questions you may have on the course in which you are enrolled.

You will also meet up with your group of  five other nonprofit leaders just like you. This ongoing peer group engagement brings a collaborative space to discuss specific challenges, ideas, and support in learning and applying what you've learned to your work.

Each month in your course, you will have instructional videos, readings, and podcasts, along with assignments and production of materials and outputs to apply to your organizations work.

In the final month of your course, we will help you assess your achievements and define a plan for continued progress and sustainability.

What is Included
  • Access to all BLOSSOM learning materials in the BLOSSOM Resource Library
  • Access to the BLOSSOM course you registered for, with educational materials, tools, and experiences
  • Your personal coach to facilitate learning and to guide you in turning your learning into productive outcomes for your nonprofit or your career
  • Secure, private online learning space, with a file locker to preserve your work
  • In app chats and video conferencing
  • Peer group for support and solution building in your course
  • Special webinars and panel discussions with industry experts
  • Discounts from select expert industry vendors
  • Achievement of your goals!


  1. Philanthropy and Fundraising
  2. Board Development
  3. Program Development and Assessment
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Human Resources
  6. Financial Administration
  7. Volunteer Engagement
  8. Governance and Policy
  9. Marketing, Communications and Public Relations