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Our nonprofit clients tell us their biggest challenge is 'building capacity' for fundraising, board development, volunteers, and more. Perhaps you're like our clients? You are not alone.

The Foundation Center studied this issue in 2000, and again in 2010, and came up with some recommendations on how to help nonprofits build their capacity. Things like webinars and seminars and conferences. How many of THOSE have we attended?

And yet a decade later, capacity building is STILL an issue that keeps nonprofits from success.  

What isn’t working?

Our firm, Harvest Development Group, has studied this issue for four years. We have worked with over 1000 prospective clients in trying to establish a solution that met their needs and their budget, helping them gain more control over their operations and success in fundraising, board development and more.

What we have learned is that for each nonprofit, where the process of capacity building fell apart was in execution.

Good ideas, strategy, recommendations, action steps- all of these concepts are excellent in theory but will NOT WORK if you feel unable to execute. Some obstacles to execution are time and resources, confidence and experience, and accountability.


When we realized the scope of this problem, we thought, what if we could create a learning lab, curating the best of educational videos, podcasts, journal articles, and books, in which nonprofit executives could reliably and affordably access these tools in an online workspace, at any time?

And what if we supported each learner with a private coach, who would have complete access to their learning progress in the lab, evaluating and mentoring them through assignment completion and assessments, and help the learner achieve REAL TIME results?

And then what if we could provide an upfront assessment for the learner, one which could help the learner and the coach identify one looming key performance issue in the organization at a time, one in which they want to affect change.  

And finally what if we assembled six learners in a team, where they could interact, share ideas, and have rich discussions around topics relevant to the nonprofit industry effecting their organizations?

Around these assumptions we built BLOSSOM e-Learning.

Who we are

Harvest Development Group is a national consulting firm leading nonprofits to embrace the best business practices into their organization for exceptional results. We drive innovative and high performing change to bring about sustainability and balance in your nonprofits performance.

 Sondra Lintelmann-Dellaripa, President and Principal Consultant.

With over 25 years of executive level experience leading nonprofits of all sizes and industry representation, Sondra has set her sites on the 1.5M nonprofits in the U.S., creating innovative solutions to improve performance and sustainability. She believes the nonprofit sector is not only important but a critical aspect of an economically and socially thriving community. She is committed to YOUR success.

A frequent speaker over the last two decades, she has presented at Blackbaud’s International Conference on Philanthropy, NACHRI, AHP, AFP, and CANP. She is a  guest lecturer at Quinnipiac College and at Bay Path College’s Graduate Nonprofit Leadership program. She is a published contributor to a variety of well-known association journals. Sondra has held volunteer positions as community advisor for the UN’s World Food Programme, and has participated as a member of the grant approval committee for Susan G. Komen. She is an elected member of the National Honor Society for Business Delta Mu Delta.