Blossom: eLearning for Serious Do Gooders

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BLOSSOM: The eLearning Platform for Serious Do-Gooders

BLOSSOM: The eLearning Platform for Serious Do-Gooders

Blossom is the affordable, innovative eLearning platform providing nonprofit professionals and volunteers capacity building education. Tailored curriculum to your specific needs with timely, applicable educational materials, tools, and templates - yours to access 24/7.

Guided by your personal coach to facilitate implementation of your learning for the good of your organization.

Receive knowledge and strategy you need RIGHT NOW to bring your nonprofit to the next level. With our Applied Learning technique, you experience real time outcomes every day. Reach your nonprofit goals- increased funding, better board members, qualified volunteers, and more- in a professionally facilitated, cost-effective, convenient, online learning service.

Why Blossom?

Reason 1: Expert, Tailored Curriculum for your needs

Tailored courses from your curriculum playlist of nonprofit topics you need.

Personalized educational materials, videos, podcasts, downloadable templates, and lessons aimed at building your capacity and your organizations outcomes. Built to teach you AND help you advance every month, BLOSSOM focuses on core improvements to your nonprofit operations.

Receive expert advice and solutions specific to your nonprofits challenges and opportunities. Each month provides topical applied learning in areas that are critical to your organizations growth- strategy, products, fundraising, board development, financial management and more. This ongoing educational process increases your experience, knowledge, and performance in measurable ways - see real progress every month.

Build a content rich, resource library of educational media, operational tools and templates, to refer back to in sustaining your organizations growth.

Reason 1: Expert, Tailored Curriculum for your needs

Reason 2: Personalized Coaching to Apply Learning in Real Time

Have you attended workshops and seminars, received great information but returned to your desk to find it too difficult to try to make it work by yourself? Or maybe the information was relevant in a general way, but you really needed help in making it tangible for you?

When strategy hits reality, plans can only go so far. Your personal certified BLOSSOM Coach is an industry expert who will help you apply what you are learning into quantifiable outcomes, every month.

Meet regularly with your coach via video chat and email for guidance and to celebrate achieving your goals!

Reason 2:  Personalized Coaching to Apply Learning in Real Time

Reason 3: Peer Engagement for Topical Discussions

Gain insight and support every month in your peer group of five other BLOSSOM learners. Online team activities will develop leadership thinking, innovation, and strong crowd-design dynamics in problem solving your specific challenges. Collaborative platform emphasizes a team approach on a regular basis.

Create a tribe of trusted peer advisers that will extend beyond your BLOSSOM experience. This lifetime support network of similar nonprofit leaders, are all growing viable, valuable, and necessary nonprofit mission based projects.

Reason 3: Peer Engagement for Topical Discussions

Real Time Guidance Through Tailored eLearning.

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